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Weekly Report: Starting our focus on Survival

When is the next update on stable?

0.37 will be deployed to Stable during scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, 5 March 2014 GMT. Changelog will be distributed at that time.


Bug Fixing progresses

This week most of the team has been focusing on key bugs, and some of the team have started our first new feature scrum.

New Team Members

We are inducting a large number of new people to the team, effectively doubling the whole project. Here are a few screenshots, and a short rundown on some of the key activity for the week.


Development of Cooking System Starts

This week we started on a cooking system. Heavily inspired by the outstanding cooking system in Project Zomboid, this will be part of a wider push in March to focus on Survival aspects of the game in general. You will turn your cooking device on (fireplace/stove) and then place the items in it.

The items will slowly heat up, and when at the required heat for the required period of time, they will become “cooked” and/or turn into something else (such as soup). Items can become overcooked, and items can also become cold via some process (this will be looked at later).

We’re very excited by the possibilities for this system.


Animation Progress

In the past week animation team was mainly focused to bring all two handed melee animation in game. We have added gestures for two handed tree, evades and other missing animations. Our next goal is to polish those and finalize them all. At the same time we have created new reloads for Ruger MKII, added stab attack with hay fork and worked a bit on new zombie animations which we would like to introduce somewhere in march. There was couple of bugs fixed, some glitches and animation graph improvements.

Emissive material and masks

Our graphics programmer spent some time redoing the way emissive materials work, this will allow us to better support the new fireplace mechanics that are being worked on.

Guaranteed Network Messages

We now have a new system we are testing internally for sending guaranteed updates across the network. This is very important as we believe this will reduce the problems for those who are experiencing severe desync. We are still testing this internally, and it will be sent out to experimental for more testing next week.

Final word

Much more is ongoing, and we look forward to presenting our Roadmap for the rest of the year very soon!


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